How Florida Auto Insurance Works

None of us wants to pay more than we have to in life. We’d rather save our money or at least spend it on things we prefer. But there are some things that we simply must invest in and Florida auto insurance is one of them. If you don’t understand why or don’t know how auto insurance works in the state of Florida, keep reading for a simple explanation.

Liability Insurance

Like all forms of insurance, the auto variety is more of an umbrella term. There are many different types of insurance that fall under this one. So having Florida auto insurance can mean an array of different things. However, one form of auto insurance everyone must have is liability insurance. This simply means if damages happen, you’ll be able to pay for it (minus your deductible).

According to, in Florida it’s mandatory you carry insurance and it’s easy to see why. If you were to hit someone’s car and it wasn’t their fault at all, you’d be held responsible, right? But if you don’t have the funds to pay for their repairs, that’s going to be a real issue.

The Three Numbers 

Most agencies will quote you prices for your Florida auto insurance by listing 3 numbers. You may have seen this before without knowing what it meant. The 3 numbers represent separate parts of your quote.

The first number refers to how much the agency will pay, in thousands, for each person hurt in the accident (besides you). That second number signifies the most the policy will cover for an accident. Keep in mind this is per accident, so the number is how much will be available each time you get in one.

Finally, the last number is how much you can expect to reimburse you for property damage. Again, these are all in thousands of dollars.

Other Types of Florida Auto Insurance

While that all refers to liability insurance, there is more to your auto coverage than that, as we mentioned.

Collision and Comprehensive 

As you probably figured out, collision insurance protects you when your car gets hit. Obviously, that collision will cause damage that will cost you money. But that’s not the only way your automobile can get damaged. There are other things like fires, floods, theft and more. That’s where comprehensive lends a helping hand.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Although it’s very irresponsible, the truth is, many people decide to drive without insurance. They might have the best of intentions—like they have a job and lack the funds—but if they hit you, you’re going to be up a creek with no help from their insurance agency. This is where uninsured motorist insurance comes in hand. If you need Florida auto insurance from, there’s a lot to consider. At the very least, you’ll need liability coverage. But there are plenty of other versions besides the ones listed above that you might need. So be sure to research a reputable agency and then sit down with them to find out which types are best for you.

Moving to Florida

Moving to Florida was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my young life. My young life was so long ago that the feeling should have faded by now, and yet I still remember it just as clearly as if the move was only just yesterday. I was only about 24 years old, fresh out of college and stuck somewhere between knowing absolutely everything and ‘finding myself’. 

The move hadn’t been something I had spent many sleepless nights thinking about, calculating, treating as a serious movement of the earth itself; I simply needed a place away from home to crash for awhile, and I had family in the state. Never being one to pass up the opportunity for a free meal, and several free meals understandably being much more enticing than only one, I moved down into the Sunshine state with an empty wallet and a pocket full of vague dreams. I didn’t have connections, or prospects, or superpowers, but I knew that wherever I wound up, I wanted to be driving. 

I had driven my own car before, in my home state, but a recent fender bender was responsible for the reason that I had been forced to catch a bus down to the land of oranges. I needed to work, and I wouldn’t be able to work without wheels (at least I didn’t want to). 

So the next thing I knew, I found myself leaving the dealership lot behind the wheel of a brand new Nissan Altima. I’d never driven such a model of car, but as long as it had the capability to get me to Denny’s and back, I wasn’t the one you’d ever find complaining. The Nissan served me well for a good number of years when, wouldn’t you know it, I found out that I just must be a natural born demon when it comes to cars.

Another fender bender practically wiped out all of my paychecks for months afterwards, and before long, I was pretty desperate. It wasn’t until I stepped a little bit out of my own comfort zone and did something that I never fully imagined actually doing; buying my own car insurance. I’d never thought I was smart enough, car-savvy enough, wise enough or “experienced” enough to really ever consider going out and investing real time into the welfare of my own vehicle. 

Truth is, a big part of me was actually a little bit afraid of the idea of insurance in Florida. Despite my objectively undeniable history of terrible driving incidents, there was still one part of my psyche that apparently never active whenever my past collisions had actually happened. It was almost as if there was a latent part of my own conscience that was afraid of acknowledging my own mortality. As if investing in the car insurance would suddenly make the threat of another car accident more “real”, and refraining from doing so would allow to me to continue living on with the illusion that they were yet still just another unfortunate instance, like getting struck by lightning that could only conceivably happen to someone else. 

In the land of the Sunshine State, I finally had to grow up just a little bit and come to the realization that life could happen to me too, just the same as it could always happen to somebody else, at any moment in time.

Today it sounds ridiculous, of course, but back then that’s just the way that it had always seemed. Florida car insurance seemed like such an untouchable, intimidating thing that it would be completely illogical to attempt working out the details on my own. Like checking bubble gum or whistling, I thought: when you’re born, either ya got it or ya don’t.

Or so I thought.

It turns out that what I was truly afraid of was never actually car insurance at all, but the phantom stereotype of “bad” car insurance. I was afraid of uninformative agents, illegible text, dishonored requests and, ultimately, a blatant waste of money.

After several years of bad luck on the road, I suppose you could say that my own karma had decided that it wasn’t getting the message across and that I would need more guidance. All it took was once incidental near-crash to finally convince me to invest in car insurance and stop living in the ever-popping bubble of “it only happens to other people” that I’d tried convincing myself was a solid shelter. Getting coverage at Florida Insurance Quote ( ) is a decision I would never take back for the life of me. The bubble was bound to burst again at some point, knowing my luck. There is no telling now where I would be , financially, if I hadn’t mustered up the stones to refuse the complacency of my younger mentality that day and gone in to get my first real automotive insurance. 

How to choose an award winning Florida property insurance policy

Here at National Headliner Awards, we know the best of the best when it comes to anything. In fact, we want to help you find an award-winning Florida property insurance policy. We have provided you with all the tips you need in order to find that policy. Follow our guide below to get started.

Think about this for a moment. What would you do if you knew (ahead of time) that your home was going to be destroyed by a hurricane, sinkhole, fire, or another element completely and totally out of your control? What if, at the same time, you knew that you did not have proper Florida property insurance coverage from but instead decided to go ahead with that coverage just because it didn’t have as high of a monthly rate attached to it?

Wouldn’t you feel more than a little bit silly (and probably more than a little bit angry) knowing that there was nothing you could do to protect your home, your property, your assets, your belongings, or your loved ones? Of course, you would. However, each and every day, hundreds of thousands people in Florida go with cut-rate property insurance in Florida just to save a couple of bucks here and there – putting themselves in real jeopardy if the worst should happen.

What happens if you choose the wrong Fl property insurance plan?

Well, it’s really impossible to say exactly what could happen to you if you have the wrong for property insurance in the event of an emergency situation, but it’s not difficult to guess the kinds of things that would likely come down upon you. For one, you lose the home that you own (and likely everything in it) – and would not be able to replace it easily, effortlessly, and with next to no extra headache and hassle. Secondly, you would still be on the hook for the mortgage on that property – even though it was completely and totally decimated. Who wants to carry around that kind of burden?

Your financial future is in jeopardy!

Obviously, there are a number of different reasons as to why you want to make sure that you have quality Florida property insurance protection from  already in place. However, the biggest reason has to be so that you can protect your financial future. Our homes (and our property) are definitely one of the largest investments that we will ever make. It’s important that you do absolutely everything to make sure that nothing endangers that investment anywhere along the line. That this does not mean that you need to spend buckets and buckets of cold, hard cash on Florida property insurance coverage each and every single month for 30 years or more. It does mean that you need to make sure you have selected a high-quality insurance coverage plan that will protect you should the worst end up happening.

How to choose the best property insurance in FL

Always choose to work with reliable and reputable services whenever possible. Be sure to work with Florida property insurance services from that have a track record for success and can prove that they are trustworthy. You’ll also want to consider their customer service and claims department history as well. Get your hands on customer testimonials, case studies, and any other inside information you can grab online.