Online Division
Radio affiliated website
First Place:

WBAL-AM, Baltimore, MD
Second Place:
Federal News Radio, Washington, DC
Third Place:
WTOP-FM, Washington, DC
Television affiliated website
First Place:
Atlanta, GA
Second Place: staff
Redmond, WA
Third Place: staff
WCVB-TV, Needham, MA
Newspaper affiliated website
First Place:
Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas, NV
Second Place:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, WI
Third Place:
New York Daily News, New York, NY
Magazine affiliated website
First Place:
Sports Illustrated, New York, NY
Second Place:
The staff of Foreigh Policy and Susan Glasser, Washington, DC
Third Place: no award given
Online-only website
First Place:

California Watch
Second Place: no award given
Third Place: no award given
Online videography
First Place


    “Living with Murder”
Romain Blanquart, Suzette Hackney and Kathy Kieliszewski.
Detroit Free Press, Detroit, MI
Second Place: The Denver Post staff
The Denver Post, Denver, CO
Third Place: “9/11 Firefighter: Pride in his heart, dust in his lungs”
John Makely, Meredith Birkett, John Asterita and Stokes Young, New York, NY
Online slideshow
First Place:


      “Living With Autism”
Francine Orr, Albert Lee and Mary Vignoles
Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA
Second Place: “The Essence of a Man”
Kathleen Flynn
Tampa Bay Times, St. Petersburg, FL
Third Place: The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal staff, New York, NY
Online - only writing
First Place:


      “Curiously Long Posts”
Joe Posnanski
Sports Illustrated, New York, NY
Second Place: Wayne Drash, Atlanta, GA
Third Place: Jessica Ravitz, Atlanta, GA